Developing a portable suite for valued-based-care health incentives

Through a shared at-home economy of smarter informatics, PROOF™ makes meaningful-use data made available for it’s healthcare professionals and patient to share, learn, earn and to make better informed decisions. Using blockchain, we propose creating a Healthcare Data Exchange Vault (HDEV) to help address key strategic imperative for Healthcare organizations


Leveraging the power of blockchain, data is distributed and can be granted access to anyone in the world, at any given time. Share with another provider, patient, scientist or payer such as doctor, clinician, insurer, hospital, pharmaceutical, nurse, caregiver or even family and friend.


Interoperability starts with connecting from a layer above the current systems infrastructure. The clinical data PROOF™ provides an interoperable clinical platform to manage data and care-coordination, from wellness to acute to chronic.

Incentivised Approach

PROOF believes that to make PROOF.WORK their needs to be a value-based-incentivised approach. Using the right incentivisation pharmaceuticals, payers, and providers can work together to create better patient outcomes.

Decentralized Blockchain

Users can then securely share, learn and earn from their medical data and care-coordination. Our patient-centric, interoperable solution works using an easy to use Dashboard, App, Wearable and consumer IOmT device.

Patient-secure relationships

PROOF™ focuses on privacy regulatory standards (HIPPA & GDPR) to create patient-first relationships. Our collaborative approach secures an irrefutable supply of trust between users delivering meaningful use and improved outcome.

Data Interoperability

Healthcare institutes work in silos of data. Proof provides a secure and trusted means of sharing data to ease interoperability.


Data Liquidity

Patents do not own their medical data.  Proof gives control over medical history and records.

Medical Research

To conduct meaningful medical research, large data is required. Proof is creating a decentralized public dataset to democratize the access to medical data.

Pharma Supply chain

Counterfeits & redundant supply chain are problematic. Proof provides a decentralized supply chain ledger from active ingredients to patient in-take.

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